Posted on Mar 4, 2020

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What is Apple T2 chipset? it is a chip that process audio, image and input output in addition all fingerprint on Macbook goes directly to T2. The past one week there are three items with spoilt T2 chipset which is Macbook Retina A1990 2pcs and the Mac Mini 2018 1pcs all have the same issue cannot turn on, How to change a T2 controller chipset:

1. Remove the glue on all side and put sufficient flux.
2. Use heat gun to loosen the leg of the chipset and remove it slowly then clean up the excess solder on the logicboard.
3. Buy T2 chipset which solder attached to it already and align pin 1 to the logicboard, use pinset to hold the T2 chipset in place and use heat gun to stick it in place firmly.
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